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Shaii! I Caught My Boyfriend Doing It With My Mum’s Friend ( Photo )

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This is the saddest experience I’ve ever hard with my dating experience as an adult. I’m already considering if I should tell this guy that we have dated enough for two years and he should start marriage plans since he has not deemed it fit to propose to me despite the fact that he has seen everything on my body.

But what did I get? The shock of my life. He has been sleeping with my mum’s good friend behind my back and I never suspect anything because this woman is kind of very friendly with him and I was happy because I don’t want any one who is close to my mum to dislike my further husband. I just don’t like too much drama!

Olu Famous, it’s my friend that said I should send a mail to you, because she can’t tell me what to do so no one would blame her tomorrow. I went to Lagos mainland to see her and decided to branch my mum’s friend house to greet her. As I entered her sitting room, what did I see? This woman on top my boyfriend…

She even shouted at me that why didn’t I knock before coming in as if she doesn’t know that the man she had under her was not my boyfriend. She didn’t even say anything about my relationship with my boyfriend but asked me to leave her house and make sure I don’t enter people’s house next time without knocking.

I don’t even know how I managed to leave there, my guy could not say anything and since he didn’t follow me out of her house am sure he continued doing what he was doing with her. But when he called me latter I didn’t pick and he has been sending me messages saying the woman tempted him with money.

Should I forgive this guy? How long will it take me to date another guy and settle down? I’m just confused!

See the photo here


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Posted by on January 11, 2017.

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